I am so happy to receive the Divine Award from The Photodiarist, who is behind one of the most remarkable blogs I've had the pleasure of reading. She has an impeccable eye for the characters, moments, and spaces that make New York City inimitable; the presentation of this fresh perspective is likewise utterly inspirational.

Today we are talking about guilty pleasures:

1. expensive face cream; I use Lancome.
2. the Yankees. I am not into sports at all otherwise, but somehow I got to be a huge fan, have been following all season. game 6 of the ALCS v. the Angels tonight!
3. weird edible mushrooms that look disgusting but are delicious
4. addictive R&B hits like Halo, which is bizarre because i am almost exclusively a classical music lover
5. leather-bound journals with parchment paper, which give extraordinary weight to ordinary words.

Upon writing these, I realize that they are not so much guilty pleasures, just pleasures. As they should be.
I'm passing this award and tag on to 5 other favorite blogs. I'd love to read about yours!
3. Grey

and to The Photodiarist, thank you; you're phenomenal!


The Photodiarist said...

You deserve the award. Your blog is Divine. Thank you for the wonderful word, Jules.


Hi, thank you :)
I think your guilty pleasures rock ;)

Anonymous said...

you know, i am not a big sports fan either but i must admit that i LOVE the lakers. 'tis the season!

Pennerad said...

Happy to know I am not the only person addicted to those beautiful leather bound journals.