i like an imaginative approach,
that still maintains a very consistent and clear vision.


dot said...

Oh, now I understand! I think I love your blog even more. So if I click on that little credit word (so nice, in parenthesis), it's like a portal into other really lovely photo blogs round the world!

It's such clean design, the words so lean. Like being in a photo gallery, and you're the curator as well as photographer.

Lovely way to start the morning!

I've got to do another award thing (I'm lagging behind), so be prepared to be tagged (again). xx

The Photodiarist said...

Jules - I love these shots -- especially the first one.

Mode Junkie said...

thanks for dropping by mine.
love both shoes. and your blog. oops i said that already. LOL
click here to visit me at Mode Junkie!

Miriam said...

oh thats me haha! nice words xx