I honestly believe NatGeo is one of the best things in this world.
these 2 are from the Int'l Photography Contest 2009.
there are way too many phenomenal photographs to view all (much less pick favorites), but here are two landscapes that caught my eye, as a set.

1 is perfect in its simplicity: stunningly serene iceberg edge in Antarctica
2 is perfect in its contrast to 1: Darvaza natural gas crater in Turkmenistan, burning 35 years


Miriam said...

beautiful photos

ffocuss said...

These are great! I'm enjoying your blog very much.

Marta Represa said...

WOW. These pics have taken my breat away. The first one is one of the most impressive I've ver seen!


Mat said...

beautiful photos, ive seen some pics of the bottom gas crater before. theres a town in american that had a coal mine underneath, it somehow got on fire and has been burning since the 50s. now the town is deserted but the fire will never stop burning. google it.