I went to the Yankee ticker-tape parade today in the Canyon of Heroes. It gave me inexplicable nostalgia for an era before my time, even though there was more shredded office paper and toilet paper (and apparently, confidential medical records) than actual ticker-tape.

Sadly, the only halfway decent shots I got were of the gorgeous buildings and sky. (here is an idea of the crowd. I was in the 3rd row behind the fence)

I need to invest in a dSLR. I'm so sick of lag, and poor light acquisition. My (inherited) Nikon Coolpix 8400 is only good for photographing big expanses of things that do not move.


hrose said...

thanks for your comment on my proust post.. although being subconsciously exposed to it in vanity fair over the years i must admit to really falling in love with the questionnaire when i read about it in the olsen twins' book influence - but i think it is the most incredible of ideas, and supremely fascinating in terms of its ability to capture a mindset.

when i clicked to reply to your comment i was captured by your blog. your layout is lovely - simple and enchanting - and i have scrolled back through your archives and spent a lovely few hours reading your posts!

you write with such clarity and confidence. you put words together very well. i loved what you said about the olsen twins re-wedges, so very true. i think the exact same, their ability to make simplicity transcend tedium is amazxing.

oh and i too want a dSLR. NOW. haha. im saving up for one. i have outgrown my little digital camera, i think.


ps linked and bloglovin' you! can't wait to read more in the future.

Carita said...

awesome photos!