(adelinemai / abirdafriend, now sadly missing)

I remember the original text accompanying the second shot: "What it must feel like to be lost at sea."
That color in the foreground is my favorite.


Liam said...

I love that bottom photo, it's absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for your comment by the way, lovely to hear from you. This is one of my favourite blogs by far!

hrose said...

that second photo is remarkable! you love the foreground colour, i love that deep dark blue right before it hits the horizon. I just blogged about my favourite colours and the ocean.. i feel like growing up near the sea has made me feel different ways about blue and green. I find them so beautiful as colours, but also have that very australian respect and fear for the ocean. respect of it's awesome power and danger...

love it!


ps i am going to be in new york in february... i was wondering if you had any tips for places to go, things to see? i'm mainly looking for chic little places to eat/sit/chat and to shop... off the beaten track i suppose. also will you be there? we could meet up for coffee! I would love to chat with you about everything and anything... :)