Here's the bassist from the same band as the sax player below.
I like double basses for their substantiality, their gravity.
The bassist in one salsa band I had the pleasure of enjoying had an electric instrument with the entire huge wooden body missing. Easy to transport, not so easy on the eyes.


The Photodiarist said...

Beautiful capture of light on his head. Query: Would you consider a vertical photo so as to capture the instrument too?

minor keys said...

Yes, I did take a few vertical shots of the saxophonist (shorter instrument easier to fit in the frame). But I liked the intimate feel of the portraits, going close from afar. The idea of the person first, and just a piece of the instrument, a hint to their capabilities. And also, I really like the clean undisturbed backgrounds, impossible when zoomed out- too many people sitting on the monument behind! :D
and you were absolutely right about the bokeh of the new lens; I love it!