Amazing what a little cleansing of belongings can do for personal outlook.
Minimalism is a fine concept.


Davidikus said...

Very intriguing picture - I think o Kertesz, obviously - is this a naked female body?


minor keys said...

Davidikus, definitely looks it to me, and done so tastefully. It's from MA Andrew, a British photographer. You can find his work through clicking the photo.
I went to the ICP (International Center for Photography) here in NY last weekend, and there was an exhibit called Twilight Visions about Surrealism in Paris in the 20s/30s. They had several Kertész pieces there, including the Eiffel and the superimposed Clock Académie- but I liked most his Distortion No. 4, 1933 series on the female body.

Engra said...

I like what is hinted that this image and its simplicity