To suit the mood, something with calmer delicate character.
Utterly Parisian, just right in black and white.


Davidikus said...

This is an interesting picture & I love the DS. However, I am always a bit surprised when I see pictures of Paris. I have lived in London & England for ten years now; I go to Paris quite often. I can assure you Paris has changed far more than London in this period: at least one fantastic world-class museum has opened, the Quai Branly, two underground lines have opened (RER E and metro 14). The vitality of the creative sector is ways above par: Colette is probably the most fashionable store on earth, creating trends rather than following them, there are now more first-rate places dedicated to contemporary art in Paris than in any other major city (the 104, the Palais de Tokyo, the Plateau); there are two major art fairs (FIAC which is now at the forefront of modern, contemporary & actual art; plus Art Paris which offers a great new take on the art fair concept)... In fashion, Balenciaga, Balmain, Lanvin, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Dior or Dior Homes are today's hot names & a host of smaller houses are extremely creative too.

The list goes on: I don't know any European city which has modernised itself more than Paris in the past ten years.

I think it is high time we update our vision of Paris, which is, in many case, a wee bit outdated!

Apologies for ranting: I really like this post. Where did you take this pic, btw?


hélène said...

Lol to the previous commenter's rant!

He however fails to mention that Paris is also one of the most historical cities in the world with a great, great past, incredibly rich in culture, and more often than not associated with romantic references... which is what i believe you meant to convey with this photo? Am i wrong? Anyway, i love it, quite charming! :)

minor keys said...

Davidikus, I definitely see your point. As someone who has only been to Paris once many many years ago, I am not following its modernization so closely. Thanks for telling me about it, though- fascinating! Seems so rapid. Not necessarily a good or bad thing- both seem romantic to me still, albeit in different ways. I am not sure where in Paris this photograph was taken even. What I have is this romanticized idea of the city that somehow seems compounded by the emotional quality of this photo, and that's all I have to speculate on. Please, no worries at all about the rant- I love reading your comments, and I believe in discourse always.

Helene, you got it! All photographs that appear here share an underlying intention that is fundamentally emotional. This one is no exception, and I definitely appreciate the beauty, history, and nostalgia here.

The Photodiarist said...

I agree with Helene . . . Paris is full of romantic reference points and I see nothing wrong with that . . . even if it has modernized itself.

Davidikus said...

Sorry about the rant! I definitely see your point about there remaining historical monuments & reference points. It's more the DS that surprised me, I have not seen any in Paris in the past 20-25 years!

I promise I'll rant less in the future.