I'm planning last minute for big summer travels.
My priorities are: Portugal, Morocco, Spain, France, and Italy.
Time dependent, circle around to Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria.

Thought of finally going is thrilling, but itineraries are quite overwhelming.
Any suggestions are greatly welcome and appreciated. Help!


Davidikus said...

Well, you seem to be able to take fairly long holidays! Good on you. When are you going & what kind of advice are you looking for?


Engra said...

Spain, Spain! ;)

Anna said...

You have a lovely layout as well!

I only wish the photos showed up on the posts,
the little blue boxes with the question marks are charming but if you stare at em long enough, they roll their eyes if you know what i mean.

minor keys said...

Davidikus: sights in each country, any off-tourist radar things too. I'm going part of June/July.

Engra: Sí, el país que me gustaría ir lo más!!

Anna: I promise they aren't supposed to be that way! I'm trying to get it fixed, but slow going. Bear with me please! :)