Voici la belle Lyon, lors de la soirée, avec la voix de Gainsbourg.

These days feel strange to me. I miss my trip.
I feel something is going to change, but what?


Allure said...

I am so looking forward for a big trip like the one you did.

Davidikus said...

I have never been to Lyon, actually. You are making me think that I should.

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minor keys said...

Allure: with no hyperbole, it is among the best things I have ever done. Si puedes... hazlo !!

Davidikus: Lyon is an incredible city, truly. Such beautiful architecture, two gorgeous rivers (Rhône and Saône) and million bridges, spotless and the light is phenomenal. I took this photo from the white steps in Guillotière looking westward. Another favorite spot of mine is Place des Terreaux - at the right day and time, Argentine Tango dancers take over the grey square.
If you are really planning to go we can definitely chat about other things there; I had such a short time but I adore Lyon!

koko // res pulchrae said...

i spent some months in France (Nice) in high school, an exchange program. i did not want to come back home!

is there such a thing as reverse homesickness?

hopefully you'll be on a plane to somewhere again soon!

Bright Light Warrior Nika said...

Oh I love France, I know this feeling perfectly well, I took a trip two weeks ago to Morocco and I came back feeling strange and waiting for something something profound that sending its sent in the wind to me.

The Photodiarist said...

beautiful photograph!!! The sky is incredible.