about my style #1

while reading one of my favorite blogs, le portillon, I came across a series called 10 things about my style. it is a lovely manifestation of the true search of what is most attractive and suitable for us, a quest for chicness, if you will. it is amazing how much we can tell about people by the things with which they choose to surround and adorn themselves.
instead of counting back from 10, I am starting with 1 and moving forward. i need flexibility, and hopefully this will allow for the development of however many aspects of my style there really are.

the nude-colored top

i adore the whole gamut of shades from beige to creme to tan (but no darker). fitted or loose, long-sleeve or short, v-neck or scooped, cotton or silk or linen, I love them all. but my favorite is the lightly draped with a low neck; it makes me feel completely and utterly at ease. perhaps it is the lightness of natural fibres next to the body, or the delicate allure of sheerness in the shade of skin.

(silk, silk, cotton, linen)

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UnoCosa said...

can not wait to see the rest of 9 :D, xoxo