(mine, turnedout)

1. Today was one of the bittersweet last days of summer at Washington Sq Park...

2. This is no doubt in my top 5 favorite "street style" shots ever. What I love about this photo is the quality of the individual, the character and persona that, through the vehicle of fashion, jumps through the camera shutter and captures the viewer. She is elegant, restrained, sophisticated, obviously beautiful, and has a serene confidence that seems to me uncommon these days.

And I like that so many of her choices I would not normally make for myself (the color, the jewelry, the hair), but they seem unbelievably perfect for her. It emphasizes the power of knowing one's own style, but reminds me to remain open enough in my vision to see other sources of inspiration when they come.


Jowy said...

oewhhh , the colour of that sweater with the awesome necklace..j'adore!

One Love,

The Photodiarist said...

I LOVE the necklace!

Rita said...

Gorgeous necklace! And I love her laid back attitude.