about my style #3

#3: the ballet flat

It's true; I love heels. They are ultimately feminine, elegant, and so sexy. There is no other option for the opera, or the New York Philharmonic, or a show in the West 40s.

But for days (and most nights), there is nothing as beautiful, chic, and perfect for me as ballet flats. I found the perfect pair two summers ago: quilted leather with a bow, in the most classic low-cut shape. This pair of Scoop flats has sadly reached its end, but not before seeing 2 continents and countless cobblestoned pavements.

I am particular about footwear. When I find the shapes and details I like in a pair of shoes, they rarely leave my feet. Although I will always love the quilted texture, I am venturing into new territory with the replacement of my beloved Scoops. I love woven leather as well as beige suede; these new additions will be debuted shortly.

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polka dot said...

hello minor keys! what a beautiful blog. am putting your link on my blog roll so i can come visit again. found you thru the wonderful photodiarist.

i'm guessing these are your shots, are the others as well?

i agree: i love heels, the look of them as sculpture, but for getting round town, there's nothing that beats the perfect ballet flat.