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I love the trench...

I am very impressed with the work that Scott Schuman has done for the Burberry Art of the Trench Project. He is always brilliant, but especially now while so beautifully photographing one of my most beloved garments. I am sure you have seen lots of the new photos floating around. Here are a few (older) favorites selected from my folders, both from Sart and the talented Maya at Turned Out.

Topmost is an old photo posted when I had just started this blog (earlier this year), and had long, long hair. I miss it, but it's off at a better place.


The Photodiarist said...

I am in love with this work too. Sart just gets better and better.


I like the trench on you, seems a perfect fit.

hrose said...

i love the trench too. a beautiful, beautiful garment, filled with such rich history. love it.

that kid is so chic! i want cuffed jeans and ballet flats just like hers :)


minor keys said...

the divinitus: thanks; that means a lot coming from you.

hrose: i know! of course, as she is Emmanuelle Alt's daughter!

Madelene said...

I could steal Emmanuelle's daugther's outfit.

Scott bothers me because he seems so full of himself. But the Burberry project was inspiring to see. I have worn the same trench every spring/autumn for three years now, and it really is one of the most beautiful versatile pieces.