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As I watched the approach of minor key's 100th post, I contemplated what to present. I always put a lot of thought into my posts, and when they are brief, it is only because there is no media to express the indescribable, or every experience is individual; the choice to react is one's own.
Awhile ago, I read a very intriguing post about the "Proust questionnaire," a short series of questions that supposedly reveals personality, mindset, and worldview. I like the way Hrose of Capture the Castle describes it as something that "takes no prisoners." An adapted version has been a last-page mainstay of Vanity Fair for many years, but there is a certain quality about the original set, answered various times by Marcel in the last years of the 19th Century.
It was difficult and time-consuming to think and honestly verbalize my answers (perhaps this says something about my personality as well). But I am glad and relieved to present here the results. I invite all reading to consider joining me in this project.

Your most marked characteristic: particularity
The quality you most like in a man: charm, honesty
The quality you most like in a woman: camaraderie
What you value most in friends: authenticity, loyalty
Your principle defect: selfishness
Your favorite occupation: inspiration
Your dream of happiness: living with eternal joie de vivre while following all that I wish for
What you consider the worst of misfortunes: living bound by the expectations of others
Where you would like to live: I would like to be transitory in the world, always moving
Favorite color: nude
Favorite flower: white rose
Favorite bird: some type raptor
Favorite prose writer: Vonnegut, Marquez
Favorite poets: Brautigan, Borges
Favorite hero and heroine of fiction: the antiheroes
Favorite composers: Brahms, Prokofiev, Ravel
Favorite painters: Yet unknown; however my favorite painting is an un-Picasso-like nude by Picasso
Hero and heroine of real life: the antiheroes
Favorite names: Sofia Coppola, Dante
What you most dislike: my own worst qualities
Historical figure you most dislike: Not educated enough to answer this well
Event in military history you most admire: I'm not sure I admire any military event
Reform you most admire: There are no poor reforms; it is important only to move forward
Natural gift you'd like to possess: Charm, and communication in every language
How you'd like to die: vindicated
Present state of mind: restless
Faults to which you feel most indulgent: procrastination, obsession
Your motto: (what I live now) Every experiment of interest will be carried out at your own expense.
(what I wish to live) Carpe diem.

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Marta Represa said...

Proust's questionnaire is actually really interesting. I have come accross it a number of times, but for some reason I have never done it! Maybe now I will...
So thanks for sharing this!