Contrast is a powerful tool. I took this late afternoon shot from a speedy car crossing a bridge.
I tend to prefer extra contrast, but I don't mind the flatter versions in this case.
Any thoughts? 1st is the original.


The Photodiarist said...

I really like the middle one.

Engra said...

you has been great!
I like that contrast, perfect!

Liam said...

I love them as a set, they work so well together!

koko said...

I like the third; problem with digital photography is that everyone's monitors are calibrated differently. The third picture looks fine on my home computer but looks too dark on my work computer.

Davidikus said...

All three versions are interesting. I usually take very subdued, uncontrasted pictures, so that I can contrast or saturate them more (there is less information loss doing it this way).

IMVHO, though, the three versions work becaus the picture is, fundamentally, a good & well composed picture. A less strong picture would need the increased contrast.


Pennerad said...

i like the third.