about my style #2

the men's watch

I am not really interested in accessories. most of the time I find them to be too fussy; maybe I just like the feeling of being free. But I absolutely love men's watches. I love the structure; the strength, the weight. It is so bold, yet subtle. There is something about the way it sits on a woman's wrist.

my favorites are #3 and #6: my gorgeous "winter" watch: thin, gold hardware, leather faux-croc strap. It is so classy. The other: a "summer" watch: two-toned, grey textured face, second hand with day of week and month. This one has been well-loved by 2 generations.

from l. to r.: Seiko, Invicta, Stuhrling, Enicar, Acuet, Citizen.
1, 5, 6 are Japanese movement; 2, 3, 4 are Swiss.

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hélène said...

I feel like i'm reading something i wrote myself, or my inner thoughts. Seriously. I feel the exact same way. I couldn've put it better.