part 6

(samsonite uk)

This is one of the most amazing designs I have seen.
When I first came across this "ribcage" luggage (after picking my jaw up from the floor), I was very curious as to who was behind it. Certainly not Samsonite. Alexander McQueen designed a small capsule luggage set for the luggage empire last fall. We already know McQueen is a genius on the runway (FW 08 "antler" collection), but this foray beyond that platform is for me a great success.

There is a long explanation about the theory of the ribcage protecting the innards of the suitcase etc., but let's just enjoy the aesthetics, no? I suppose some people will hate this piece (it is a little creepy), but I love it and can't say enough about its brilliance.

it is #6 on my wish list.

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It is 'provocative' in some way :)